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The FLEX-5 is compatible with Allen Bradley ControlLogix, CompactLogix, and Micro800 PLCs. 

USB Barcode Scanner:

  •  Supports most USB barcode scanners. Plug and play into the FLEX-5, no wiring needed.

  •  Easily adapts to remote or hard to reach locations.

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner:

  • Allows wireless barcode scanning in process area. 

  • Supports most Bluetooth barcode scanners.

  • Supports intrinsically safe barcode scanners.

  • Easily adapts to remote or hard to reach locations.

Write data to USB drive:

  •  Cold storage / non volatile data historian if location does not have network connection or other historian

  •  Track process behavior (storing date/time, contactor status, pump speed/s, flow) stored every x seconds.

  •  Can store as much info as USB drive supports in CSV format.

  •  Use data history to debug code (user discretion)

Black USB Drive

Environment sound:

  • Listen for alarm in remote areas

  • Listen to process equipment (if threshold is known, you can determine what is an alarm condition)

  • If sound is played from FLEX-5, verifies the speaker and microphone is functioning


Play Sound:

  •  Audible alarms in process area ("motor3 failed to start, check motor")

  •  Audio process line instructions ("insert part into assembly" "pick five of part number 123")

  •  Use to fail safe microphone (after sound is played can use the environment audio feature to ensure sound played)

  •  Audio instructions ("exit through southeast corridor" or "keep arms and legs inside at all times")

  •  Audio caution("must have proper  to proceed")

  •  Can use two FLEX-5 units to achieve redundancy and monitoring

  •  Language Independent

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